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Hi Volks, Welcome to my new website dedicated to technical information for the Volkswagen Vanagon, T3, and Vanagon T3 Westphalia’s.  After having run a service, repair, and parts supply business for the last 30 years and then retiring in the autumn of 2021, I find I have a huge amount of knowledge of these special vehicles and would like to share this knowledge with other owners of these vehicles.  My personal 1987 Vanagon Westfalia now has close to 800,000 km on her, having traveled widely through Canada, the USA, and Mexico over the last 30 years.  Now on its third engine, a 2 liter from a 2010 City Golf and numerous restorations, upgrades, and repairs, it is still used daily during the summer months, but stored away while I spend winters in Mexico. 

I have written many technical documents and intend to write many more as I get motivated to do so.  I am making those documents available through this updated website where I operated my online parts store for many years.  I will also be offering one-on-one consultation by verbal or video chats or personal phone calls.  I hope that I will be able to help those of you who wish to maintain your vehicles to the best of your ability and finances and enjoy them for many more years to come.  

All documents purchased come with an ½ hour of free consultation related to that document.  

Any suggestions for future documents are welcome.


New documents I am working on so stay tuned.

Propane tank refurbishment

Fuel line firewall connector upgrade

Cooling system flush and fill

Power window motor rebuild

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