DoiTung Royal Villa & Gardens

Wednesday we took the motorbikes up the mountain to the DoiTung Royal Villa & Gardens.  Some 6000 ft elevation up a winding mountain road which was quite large and well paved so no problems getting there.  There were spectacular views of the mountains and valleys with mountain jungle vegetation at its best.  At the top of the mountain is the Royal Villa, a huge rambling structure built in the Swiss style.  Wood is used primarily for the construction, varnished teak floors of large plank width, slat bord walls made from old shipping containers, wood slat ceilings, and decorative wood carvings everywhere.  This Villa was built for the King of Thailand’s Mother who recently passed at age 96.  The Villa is still used on occasion by the Royal family and when not in use by them it is open for tourists as it was on our visit.  Quite an impressive site at the top of the mountain.  Surrounding the Villa are massive conservatory gardens featuring vegetation from all over the world.  The Royal Garden project was started by the Royal family as a make work project for local residents who were mostly engaged in the Opium business previously.  They are also the propagators of many rare species of vegetation.  Absolutely stunning.  So, that was our day, there is a good photo slide show available on my Picasa site, link below


Frank & Rita

Photos here >

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  1. Jerry L. Baldwin says:

    I tried to look at the photos and couldn’t find anything ??

  2. Frank says:

    Jerry & all, the link to the photos was corrupted. It has been repaired and works just fine now. Enjoy !

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