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LIONEL 4 x 8 Display Layout

Completely sceniced to 1/43 scale, with two full loops of track which permits two train operation.  Trackage is Gargraves with  nine custom built turnouts operated remotely by cable. All trackage has a completely ballasted roadbed.  There is a reversing loop, an inner loop bypass, one dead end siding and one double ended siding.  Nine electrically controlled track blocks.  And seven remote operating track sections.  The entire layout is configured to run the LIONEL Railscope engine.  Power is supplied by a LIONEL ZW transformer, using the A and B circuits for loop one and loop 2 respectively, and circuit C for the track power of the doubled ended siding and circuit D for the operating accessories.   Operating accessories include the Lionel Milk Car and Platform, the LIONEL Cattle Car and Platform, a Lionel Semaphore, custom made low block signals for both directions of each of the turnouts.  Other layout  features include a quickly detachable control panel with an LED illuminated  track plan showing which blocs are active and which direction the turnouts are set, slide switches to control the blocks, scenic lighting and operating accessories,  push button switches to control the remote track sections for control of operating cars and uncoupling.   Removable legs on large castors.  Plexiglass surround to protect the layout in show conditions, all scenic material glued in place to permit  ease of transport and storage.  And a tape sound effects system.  A detailed set of plans for this LIONEL 4 x 8 Display Layout are available for sale for $35. post paid.  E-mail Fkc43@aol.com to order or for more information. 






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